technology and tea, together at last

Rooted from a passion for technology and the desire to help businesses expand their online presence
… oh …
and the love of a good cup of tea, Little IT House was born.

At Little IT House, we love helping businesses be the best they can be.  We are Based out of Kimball, Nebraska and service customers from coast to coast and every town and city along the way.  Our goal is to grow your business by bringing your website visions to reality.

Through the years, we have watched the website industry turn into a copy and paste process.  While this process may be highly used, it does not provide businesses with optimal online presence.  That is why we started Little IT House.  We provide the service that you and your business deserve.  We love our customers and want only the best for them. And we have the experience to make it happen.  You work hard, and your website will too.

At Little IT House, we are family, we are committed to excellence, and we are always here for you! 


Your Vision + Our Approach = Success

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