Non-Profits Give, So We Give Back​

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Websites for Non-Profits Should Showcase Their Work​

Megan and Stephen Kaminski, owners at Little IT House, want to recognize those who are dedicated to making a difference.  Whether you are assisting in the lives of “at risk” youth, working with senior citizens, standing up for animal rights, protecting the environment, or any number of other non-profit agencies that are making our world a better place to live in, we have a special offering for you.  

Little IT House introduces its “Non-Profit” offering.  This offering begins with a 10% discount on all website work — everything from a new build to enhancing an existing site. The 10% discount continues with our yearly Tea House Comfort Packages, covering your website hosting and support, and does not stop there.  Along with the discounted fees, we will also provide a special consultation to inform you of free-to-non-profit services from Microsoft and Google–we are going to make sure you are maximizing available service, so you can concentrate on you goals.  In all, we are going to make it easy for patrons to find your cause, understand what you do, and support your endeavors.

We, at the Little IT House, can’t express our appreciation enough for all that non-profits do for our communities and beyond.  Thank you all so much and we look forward to the opportunity to pay it forward with our new “Non-Profit” offering. Contact us today for your free consultation and let us help you grow your cause.

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